2,718 acres at our service

Ariéstolas Crops is an agricultural farm located in the Cinca valley in between the towns of Monzón and Barbastro in the Spanish province of Aragon. The farm offers a total of 2,718 acres of land, of which 1,730 acres are cultivable.

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introduction to the farm – the groves

The lower part of the farm (the groves) offers a cultivable surface of 240 ha (593 acres) and is mainly divided into 3 rangers (120 ha – 297 acres, 40 ha – 100 acres and 35 ha – 87 acres).

the groves during winter the groves during springtime the groves during summer

introduction to the farm – the higher part and the hills

The farms higher area offers a cultivable surface of around 460 ha (1,137 acres) and is equipped with 9 rangers/ center pivots that cover areas from 20 to 40 ha (50 to 100 acres) and are complemented by ample sprinkler coverage.

the higher part during winter the higher part during springtime the higher part during summer

trials on more than 1,000 corn varieties

Under assignment from Liven Agro, Ariéstolas Crops implements annual trials and studies of corn varieties, profiting from the experience and technical data gained during more than 40 years in the sector. Every year additional data of more than 60 varieties are assembled in order to be able to guarantee each year the sowing of optimum quality grain, as well as to be able to dispose of the latest varieties in our catalogue.