your crop, our reason for existence!

The company Amaeton was established in order to guarantee a thorough and entire control over the final result of the crop. The companies’ objective is to achieve maximum quality of grain with regard to the necessities at its ultimate destination.

We offer farmers a full and complete agricultural service that stands on the following main pillars:

complete agricultural service

Amaeton has situated its four centres/ branches at neuralgic positions within a radius of 50 km (31 miles) around Ariéstolas.
Amaeton disposes of the know-how of four agro-engineers, all of which can acknowledge ample and vast experience within the sector.
Amaeton offers to supply seeds, fertilizers and phytosanitary products, all of which have been analysed and selected with regard to highest quality, efficiency and competitive price range.
Amaeton puts at the farmers’ disposal agricultural personnel capable of implementing any necessary farm work in order to achieve a most favourable harvest.
Amaeton disposes of a thorough fleet of agricultural machines that is offered to the farmers on a rental basis.
In order to be able to meet the requirements on the volume of final produce needed, every year, Amaeton looks for and contracts new farm land within the area of influence of its four branches.